How to Get Listed

This page outlines the key steps towards getting listed on The Astrology Reel.

If you practice astrology and you present your information in video form to the world, you’ve probably already produced video content that will fit the format that we provide our visitors.

Hopefully, you’re already a member of the site so you know how information is delivered to the viewers. If not, sign up and review the content.

Basic Criteria for Getting Posted

The basic criteria for getting indexed include:

  • Is the astrological aspect clearly stated?
  • Are all permutations of the aspect covered?
  • Have you given us permission to index your content?
  • Have you provided link-back information?

If you want to bring the content to our attention, please use the astrologer Post Form which is linked to from the footer of the website. Once you have filled out the basic information, we are just an email away from posting your latest content.

What every post needs: Astrologer Info

Every post requires a few key pieces of information from each astrologer to fill in the header which gives credit back to the astrologer.

  • The name of your brand or your name (Joe Planet)
  • The name of your website or location where you can be found (Joe’s Astrology)
  • A link to your website or the location where you can be found (this, and the above entry are used to create the hyperlink to your place of business or where people can contact you to buy your services.) (
  • Default zodiac and house systems that pertain to the post (western tropical or sidereal OR placidus or whole sign)
  • Link to the video or all videos (

This information should be provided through the Post Form or through an email once you have already established your relationship with The Astrology Reel.

Selling Reports on The Astrology Reel

If you would like The Astrology Reel to index your already existing content in order to produce a sellable report, please sign the Posting Agreement and attach it to email which you can send to: All astrologers are interviewed via Zoom in order to make sure the process is clearly understood as to what they are committing too and how they will be rewarded. After receiving your email, we will setup a conference in order to determine how to present your information most effectively.

Content Tips

The Astrology Reel does not edit videos. The website only links within videos to blocks of content that have a well-defined start and stop points.

So, what does The Astrology Reel recommend for video design?

Strive for clear content sections

Most every video has an intro, overview, content and close section. The Astrology Reel is going to look for the overview and content sections. Generally, The Astrology Reel only wants one overview video link which covers what all the other placements will encounter.

How many videos should the astrologer produce?

The count of videos doesn’t matter. What’s important is that it’s easy to identify the overview and content sections that are the core of the conversation.

Should I do an overview in each video if 12 videos are created?

It would make sense to include overviews in order to make the individual video coherent. Yet, The Astrology Reel is designed to treat each post as a collection of 13 videos – a generic overview and 12 different placement videos.

Nodes and Imaginary locations

The Astrology Reel lists all the planetary placements that it indexes in the natal listing table. Note that there is a mean and true placement for the node of the Moon. There are also a number of apogee locations. If you create a series based on this type of data, be clear in the video which one it is because each one is indexed separately and have slightly different placements.

What is the minimum content needed to qualify to offer a report?

The Astrology Reel is flexible here, yet because indexing is done manually and it takes time, our bias is towards videos that present you as genuine and trustworthy. We also like to see that you are committed to producing a ‘full’ report, which means there should be 5 or 6 series created and there is intent to create more.

Can you create more than one type of report?

Yes. The key concept with a report is that it covers a topic which aligns to how the astrologer interprets the planets for that topic. For instance, you may create a natal interpretation for children (pre-dating), for young adults (while-dating), for older-adults (managing-life) to retirees (reflecting-on-life). Each report would cater to a different class or viewer.

Does all the material need to be done ahead of time?

No. The Astrology Reel is designed to be dynamic so information can be added at any time. This means that anyone that buys your report will get new content as it is indexed (manually) and added to the system. This means that your followers can support you in projects that you produce content for over time.

What type of reports does The Astrology Reel support?

This is covered on the Report Types sections below. There are lots of variations.

What if you practice Vedic astrology?

All registered members have their Sidereal and Western Tropical planetary placements generated when they sign up. If the astrologer practices astrology using sidereal placements, the report or post just needs to be marked to use the appropriate information.

Also note that all users of the website have the ability to override the default placements which allows them to find variations to the readings based on slightly different systems of interpretation.

What if I use Equal House System

After having reviewed hundreds of astrological videos, it’s obvious that the most common approach that bridges the gap between being too specific and being too general is to produce videos following the common Placidus or Whole Sign systems. Thus, the website has been coded to cover these two as the default. If you use a different house system and you have content that would fill in a report, the website could be modified to accommodate your technique.


If you have more questions, please sent us an email. We would like to work with you to help you provide meaningful astrology reports to the world.

Report Types

If you look at traditional astrology report packages, you’ll find that there are a few common types of reports. This section outlines these common types and explains how The Astrology Reel treats them.

Natal Reports

These reports are generally collections of interpretations based on natal planetary positions and house placements. The common collection of astrological situations are things like: Planet in Sign, Planet in House and Sign of Cusp.

Some astrologers will take it further by covering combination situations like interpreting the rising & Sun signs together or Venus and Mars together.

It is also possible to cover natal aspects, but the website does not show this because there isn’t anyone that has produced content that requires it. The basic idea here is that if you were to cover the different aspects, the website would be able to match the aspects that you cover to the users of the site.

When thinking about aspects and the number of permutations that it exposes, it is smart to generalize the situation so that the task is manageable.

For instance, if you wanted to cover natal conjunctions of the Sun and Mercury, you would have a series of 12. Do you need to cover oppositions? Trine? Square? No. They don’t exist between the Sun and Mercury. Likewise, because Venus stays within 42 degrees of the Sun, you only need to cover conjunctions and semi-sextiles. Maybe a square if you use whole sign system.

The mid planets become more complicated because all aspects come into play.

You can be smart with outer planets too. Because Neptune takes 164 years to traverse the zodiac, you can cover everyone that is alive with the last couple signs. Same with Pluto.

Forecast Reports

The forecast content that you find online today generally falls into the category of – what is coming up in the next month (or week) for everyone or for a particular rising sign using the whole sign system.

This type of information is generally a ‘one time read’ of the stars for the viewer. The unfortunate part is that the information can rarely be used a second time. The Astrology Reel has the ability to help change this so that transit information can be used multiple times or in multiple ways.

For instance, if the astrologer predicts specific types of things to happen in the viewer’s life based upon the Mars placement in the houses using whole sign, they would only have to create 12 videos that could be used every month moving forward. At that point, it might become more interesting to talk about the aspects that Mars makes to the rising sign which then introduces a conjunction, in-conjunct, semi-sextile, square, trine, quincunx, and opposition videos. Once these are produced, they can be used for everyone all of the time. The same holds true for aspects between planets and signs where in time, the report fills out and becomes a valuable prediction collection on the website.

The best part about building out this content is that once you’ve created it, it can stand forever as an element of your report.

*) Forecast Reports are more work then Natal Reports, do they cost the same?

No. When a natal report is created it is a one-time report of a person. It is a fixed report that generally defines a person or how they react in a situation. The forecast report is designed to show what types of energies are coming for a person which means it’s a fluid, ever changing type of report. This type of report varies from month to month or even day to day. Because of this, when The Astrology Reel offers a forecast report, it generally gives access to the customer for 13 months’ worth of time.

Because forecast information is dynamic and never ending, the longer an astrologer builds forecast information, the richer and more valuable their reports become to the viewing audience. By selling forecast reports as a subscription, this enables the astrologer to think of the revenue stream as a steady income source so that they stay involved in producing content for longer periods of time.

Special Case Returns and Progressions

These are hybrid forecast returns based on a specific date and location that are read like a natal report.

When it comes to returns and progressions, the website will need to run the planets for the person based on their current living location rather than their birth location. This will generate another collection of planetary placements for the person that can be used to calculate the return or progression.

The content of the report is usually slightly different from a natal report in that it suggests the types of influences that will be around the querent for a specific time period. Natal reports look long term, returns look short term or close to the ‘now’ moment.

Looking Ahead

Compatibility Reports

The longer-term projection for the website is to also offer compatibility reports. The information for these reports can be compartmentalized in unique enough ways to cover common semi-generalized influences between people.

If the astrologer covers common natal chart aspects like, the ascendant sign compatibility, Sun + Moon aspects & placements and Venus + Mars interactions, the website can easily calculate these aspects in order to index your videos.

Likewise, you may use a more conventional technique like creating a composite chart. As with transits, the website could simply calculate the midpoints between two people’s natal charts and look for the appropriate indexed video content to build the report.


If you have content that doesn’t fit the current mold, yet it could be indexed in a similar way as what The Astrology Reel is currently doing, please let us know and we’ll schedule a conference to see if it would be mutually beneficial to produce your content.

David Flenniken

The Astrology Reel