Talking Points

If you’re an astrologer and you want to support what The Astrology Reel is doing, you have permission to talk about the website.

Please note that every time someone registers, they get their chart run for free. For now, it’s done manually, maybe someday there will be enough support so that the process can be coded and done instantaneously. The registered users also get a listing of all transits to natal. Also, all content in the Reel News is tailored for them based on their own planetary influences.

Telling people about The Astrology Reel

If you have content on the website, the short line is:

My astrology content is indexed on The Astrology Reel.

If you want something really short to tell your audience, consider something like:

The Astrology Reel indexes astrology video content so that it can match that content with the planetary configurations of the registered users. Registration is free.

If you have a project that you’re working on and you’ve talked with us about offering your content in a report, you might consider something like the following:

You can support me in my effort to create astrology videos by purchasing my Personality Report on The Astrology Reel. I am in the Astrologer list on the home page. My report is a comprehensive collection of the videos that has taken years to create. You can see an example of what my report would look like by clicking on the sample report in my bio.

I wouldn’t expect anyone to ask for anything much deeper than that. If they do, you can tell them a little about me:

The guy that created The Astrology Reel did so because he wanted to deliver a video-based astrology report to a friend from content that he found free on YouTube. He hand-crafted the first few reports and received great feedback. When doing so, he realized that the time spent looking up all the details of a person to figure out their planetary information and then searching for it took a lot of time which could be automated. One thing led to another, and he found himself coding up a technique so that a website could automatically generate reports based on a person’s planetary layout. Because he has Uranus on his ascendant, he has a strong sense of individualism which makes what he creates unique, or a bit more Aquarian. The website gives away anything that can be automated and only makes money when the astrologers sell reports. He has a mission statement at the foot of his website if you want to read more about him.