I would like to thank all the astrologers out there that have dedicated their lives to the art of practicing astrology. It is an intellectually intensive art that rarely finds the monetary backing to make it anything other than fine art. Yet, when practiced with the intention of helping the querent, the impact can be life altering and transformational.

Making this personal, having grown up the fourth child to an astrologer, I’ve seen first hand how much time it can take to ‘read’ and get familiar with a person’s chart so as to give a meaningful reading. It can easily take a day to prep for an hour session. Because most of the work is done behind the scenes, the customer generally only see’s the time spent in the session. This effectively devalues their time and forces the astrologer to make compromises in their work.

To me, astrologers are overworked, underpaid and underappreciated!

Having nearly thirty years software development experience under my belt, the idea came to me that I have enough understanding about astrology to be able to make something that can help an entire industry and empower astrologers.

The idea was born when surfing YouTube and I came across an astrologer that had created videos for all the natal positions for all the planets. I hand crafted some HTML in order to create a ‘full report’ for a friend that absolutely loved the concept. This natal report was about 40 minutes of video content that described her to-a-T.

After finishing the hand-crafted report, I realized that the process could be automated via a website and it really wouldn’t consume any of an astrologer’s time – which is always precious – yet be able to deliver meaningful reports to just about anyone.

During the development process, I realized that I could not only deliver natal planetary placements that could be used for reports, but also supply current transits and transits to natal aspects.

So, what does this all mean? Well, without getting to technical, this website can be thought of as a tool which allows an astrologer to present bits of information that can be coalesced into a larger, more meaningful – individualized – report.

So, what is the mission?

The idea is to empower people to get to quality astrological information in video form that is semi-personal, entertaining and meaningful. In exchange, the technology will reduce the amount of work that needs to be done in order to keep the costs down so that the profits can be graciously shared with the astrologers.

In time, I expect that the astrologers will realize that they can now produce videos covering many different specialized topics that can be coalesced into a wide selection of personalized reports that their customers can enjoy.

Buy a report, support an astrologer.

David Flenniken

Inventor of The Astrology Reel website