Many different astrologers have allowed The Astrology Reel to index their publicly available astrology videos in order to either streamline access to viewer specific segments of the videos or to create semi-personalized astrology reports which are collections of videos produced by a specific astrologer.

When you register on the website, we will work with you to get your personal planetary configuration information uploaded into the database so that when you log into the website it can find the astrologer’s information that matches your configuration.

The website has been developed using WordPress software and it uses the standard WordPress process for registration. Once you have registered and logged in, the website will display the Personal Information Input Form where you can enter your birth information which will be used to calculate your planetary placements. Once your planetary placements are in the database, the website will use that information to show you customized astrology information from participating astrologers.

Please note that running your planetary configuration is a manual process because it is based on your place of birth. You will know that it has been uploaded when your name and birthday is displayed rather than the Personal Information Input Form.

*Important – Personal information is only displayed to logged in users of the website and they can only see their own information. When you log in, a secure connection is established between your browser and the website so that information can be exchanged that only you can see.

Here is a short video that explains the process visually.