This page provides a terse overview of the layout of the website.

On the top of every page is the Login Bar (light grey background). Use the links found here to register, log in and log out of the website.

Reel News

This is the news feed of the website. Once your natal planetary information is in the website database, every post that you view will be customized specifically for you.

Home Page

The home page is the landing page for the website. This is where you get access to your personal data and access to the list of participating astrologers.

Options Bar

Just below the Login Bar is the Options Bar (light yellow background). The Options Bar allows you to customize what is displayed for you. Look specifically at the transit and natal listing information along with the planetary placement and house system selections. You can display your information in different ways.

Personal Data and Notification Area

Just below the Options Bar is the Personal Data and Notification Area. When you first register with the site, this is where the personal data input form is displayed. Once your personal information is in the database, the personal data input form will only be displayed if you check your options to display it. This will also be the location where the website will create links to the reports that you’ve purchased.

The Astrologer List

Just below the Personal Data and Notification Area, you’ll find the list of astrologers that can be supported and examples of their work.

Current Transit Wheel

Just below the Astrologer List you’ll find the Current Transit Wheel. This shows where the planets are right now.

Personal Planetary Information

Just below the Current Transit Wheel is a listing that the current transits are making to your natal planets. Below that, you’ll find your Natal Wheel followed by your Natal planetary listing.