The Astrology Reel contains a database of links to astrology videos so that the website can quickly and efficiently display astrology information that is meaningful for you.

In order to take advantage of this database, you have to register and provide your birth information. Once the website knows about you, it can find the appropriate links for your planetary arrangement.


For registered users, the website also provides

  • A natal planetary wheel (western tropical only)
  • A natal listing with house system (selectable for different arrangements)
  • A current transit wheel (western tropical only)
  • A current transit to natal aspect listing (selectable for different arrangements)


The Astrology Reel asks for, and receives permission, to link to the content provided by the featured astrologers.

All information is screened and reviewed before posting so as to optimize your viewing time and provide meaningful information.

Content Reports

The real showcase of this website is seen when it generates a customized report for you. The Astrology Reel has sought out astrologers that have posted larger collections of videos which can be used to create ‘full’ or ‘in development’ reports. All participating astrologers are listed on the home page of the website where samples of their work can be viewed.

When you purchase access to a specific astrologer’s report, the astrologer is graciously compensated for the use of their content.

Registered Users

Because all reports are based on your natal planetary configuration, reports can only be purchased by registered users with complete planetary placement information.


The Astrology Reel seeks out astrologers to participate in the program in order to bring you the latest and greatest content on the internet!