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Abby Harmon, Venus

A Natal Venus by Abby Harmon

Today, Abby shares with us her interpretation of Venus in all the signs. She has also given us an overview of what the planet means so as to focus her brief interpretation of your placement. As a bonus, she has also produced a video that talks about how a retrograde action changes the energies of influence of this planet. It’s…

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Abby Harmon, Mars

Your Drive, Mars in your natal Sign by Abby Harmony

This next video series comes from Abby of Abby Harmony Astrology. It is an enthusiastic natal interpretation of Mars in your natal placement. The video segments are reasonably timed and she also provides overview information regarding what Mars means when it’s retrograde. If you’re logged in, you can check your natal placement of Mars to see if it’s retrograde. If…

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