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Mercury, Tina Heals

Understanding your Mercury placement by Tina Heals

The energy of the mind is directly associated with the influences that are brought to you by Mercury. Being all about communication, every video and blog post comes under its dominion. Yet, there are colors associated with it based on the influence of the sign. Here, Tina, from*, covers the influences that are innately you based on your Mercury…

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Authors, Bios, Tina Heals

Tina Heals

~Healing through enhanced perception~ With raw passion and an unwavering work ethic, Tina has produced hundreds of to-the-point astrology videos which she has shared with the world. She is levelheaded, practical and experienced. There is a strong maternal feeling that is conveyed through the videos which fills them with a ‘mother next door’ type of advice energy. Tina draws on…

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Personal Profile, Reports, Tina Heals

Personality Profile by Tina Heals

The Personality Profile that The Astrology Reel has put together combines together videos into a report that cover your common characteristics based on your natal planetary placements. Tina shares traditional astrological information that is blended with Indian culture and spiritual understandings. The report is full on practical and full of examples that help you understand the emotional state of the…

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Sun, Tina Heals

How to Date Your Sun Sign by Tina Heals

Tina has shared with the world a collection of videos where she talks about the characteristics of each sun sign and how it relates to personal or intimate interactions. The video collection was created to be indexed off the sun sign so anyone can see how to interact with any of the other signs. This website has chosen to display…

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