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Grace, Sun

How to woo a man, by Grace Astrology

Grace, from (yep, you guessed it) Grace Astrology, gives advice on how to woo a man of a particular Sun sign. In the process, she covers major characteristics of the sign so that you can clearly understand the target. Send her some love with a like on the video and I’ll keep my eyes open for more to gather up…

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Alyssa Trahan, Ascendant, Sun

What does Alyssa Trahan love about your sign?

Here we get a pick-me-up from Alyssa where she puts her own unique spin on the best qualities of your predominate signs. I love her mellow-dramatic approach. Let her know that you like it too by liking her video. In any case, the information that she’s expressed in these videos really aligns to the Sun and Ascendant sign placements, yet…

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Lydia McCarter, Sun

Teaser Sun Traits by Lydia McCarter

Here is a teaser from Lydia with regards to characteristics of your Sun sign. I would have loved to bring you more, but, as the old saying goes, beggars cannot be choosers! Give her a like on YouTube so she might be inspired to share a little more with us next time.


Sun Sign Influence by Grace

This next video segment is brought to you by Grace from Grace Astrology. In this video, Grace covers five key traits that should be easy to remember about your Sun sign. Being the characteristics of the Sun sign, it should be easy to see how you project these traits or see how what you do is shaped by these energetic…

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Kendra Beam, Sun

Traits of your Sun sign by Kendra Beam

This next video is from Kendra of Where’s the Moon Astrology. She has an understanding that is beyond her years with regards to how she conveys her astrological knowing to the world. She is concise and uses well thought out examples. In this video, she covers the main traits of the different zodiac signs. I’ve unrolled this for you based…

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Alyssa Trahan, Ascendant, Sun

Your Superpower by Alyssa Trahan

In this video, Alyssa shares with us some of the traits of the signs that innately empower you to shine. I’ve unrolled it for your Sun and Ascendant signs so you can get her interpretation of that energy that you place forward and you can see where your strengths are when you don’t really think about it. These are information…

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Ascendant, Barbara Goldsmith, Sun

July Preview by Barbara Goldsmith

For July, Barbara suggests that this month is a completion and beginning in the eclipse cycle that goes back to January. What started back then should be finding conclusion and what starts now, it what unfolds for the next cycle. She also covers Mercury retrograde and the planets in the houses based on your ascendant or sun sign.

Eliza Verse, Sun

Psychic Power of your sign by Eliza Verse

In this video, Eliza points out the bare essence of the psychic powers based on the elements of the signs and the characteristics of the elements. She suggests what you might to in order to tap into your psychic abilities. I’ve run this for the Sun sign since she’s talking about it as being something you can do rather then…

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