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Ascendant, Barbara Goldsmith, Sun

July Preview by Barbara Goldsmith

For July, Barbara suggests that this month is a completion and beginning in the eclipse cycle that goes back to January. What started back then should be finding conclusion and what starts now, it what unfolds for the next cycle. She also covers Mercury retrograde and the planets in the houses based on your ascendant or sun sign.

Ascendant, Authors, Susan

Rising Sign Overview by Susan, the Star Light Oracle

In this video, Susan shares with the world basic personality traits associated with people based on their rising sign. She touches on what is seen as the strengths and weaknesses of each sign. In some cases, goes into the physical characteristics and she’s clear with regards to how the information is delivered.

Ascendant, Natal Planets

Ascendant Sign covered by Carolyn Mayberry

In this series, Carolyn covers attributes of the ascending sign in your natal birth chart. Her interpretation comes across real and earthy. It’s a very practical take on the signs which leave you with a glass half full or better feeling.

Eliza Verse, Sun

Psychic Power of your sign by Eliza Verse

In this video, Eliza points out the bare essence of the psychic powers based on the elements of the signs and the characteristics of the elements. She suggests what you might to in order to tap into your psychic abilities. I’ve run this for the Sun sign since she’s talking about it as being something you can do rather then…

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Natal Planets, Transits


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