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Eliza Verse, Sun

Psychic Power of your sign by Eliza Verse

In this video, Eliza points out the bare essence of the psychic powers based on the elements of the signs and the characteristics of the elements. She suggests what you might to in order to tap into your psychic abilities. I’ve run this for the Sun sign since she’s talking about it as being something you can do rather then…

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Eliza Verse, Personal Profile, Reports

Personality Profile by Eliza Verse

The Personality Profile report is built off your natal planetary placements. Eliza has compiled a collection of videos where she talks about what your placement means and generally addresses what you might want to do about it. She has a clear matter-of-fact approach to the placements and doesn’t see them as being either good or bad, but they are what…

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Eliza Verse

~Truth from Within~ In my video blogs, I explore astrology as well as psychology and interpersonal relationships. I have lived many lives and believe in the power of change. After living all over, I currently live in Los Angeles. I love interior design, cooking, writing music, hiking, learning and playing…anything. In addition to my vlogs, I also do personal chart…

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