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Moon, Susan

Moon in Sign by Susan the StarLightOracle

In this video, Susan shares with us her interpretation of the Moon in your sign. It’s really pretty straight forward and to the point. Feel free to like her videos so that YouTube can promote her status on the platform. If you’re a registered user of the website, you should see the video for your Moon placement below. If you…

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Mercury, Tina Heals

Understanding your Mercury placement by Tina Heals

The energy of the mind is directly associated with the influences that are brought to you by Mercury. Being all about communication, every video and blog post comes under its dominion. Yet, there are colors associated with it based on the influence of the sign. Here, Tina, from*, covers the influences that are innately you based on your Mercury…

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Sun Sign Influence by Grace

This next video segment is brought to you by Grace from Grace Astrology. In this video, Grace covers five key traits that should be easy to remember about your Sun sign. Being the characteristics of the Sun sign, it should be easy to see how you project these traits or see how what you do is shaped by these energetic…

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Lilith (Mean Apogee), Lilith (Osc Apogee), The Peace Dealer

The Sensual Lilith by The Peace Dealer

Today, we’re going back in time to get some timeless content from The Peace Dealer. Michael has graciously shared his interpretation of Lilith in the signs and I’ve run it for both the True (Oscillating Apogee) and Mean (averaged Apogee) positions. Even though there’s mythology that supports the archetype of all the planets, this is one that everyone loves to…

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Abby Harmon, Mars

Your Drive, Mars in your natal Sign by Abby Harmony

This next video series comes from Abby of Abby Harmony Astrology. It is an enthusiastic natal interpretation of Mars in your natal placement. The video segments are reasonably timed and she also provides overview information regarding what Mars means when it’s retrograde. If you’re logged in, you can check your natal placement of Mars to see if it’s retrograde. If…

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Kendra Beam, Sun

Traits of your Sun sign by Kendra Beam

This next video is from Kendra of Where’s the Moon Astrology. She has an understanding that is beyond her years with regards to how she conveys her astrological knowing to the world. She is concise and uses well thought out examples. In this video, she covers the main traits of the different zodiac signs. I’ve unrolled this for you based…

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Alyssa Trahan, Ascendant, Sun

Your Superpower by Alyssa Trahan

In this video, Alyssa shares with us some of the traits of the signs that innately empower you to shine. I’ve unrolled it for your Sun and Ascendant signs so you can get her interpretation of that energy that you place forward and you can see where your strengths are when you don’t really think about it. These are information…

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Lydia McCarter, Neptune

Neptune in the Houses by Lydia McCarter

In this post, Lydia, of the Astro Pieces channel on YouTube, shares with us information about the Neptunian influences that are in your chart based on your natal placement of the planet Neptune. It is a podcast uploaded to YouTube, so the audio comes across really nice. If you register on the website and your planets have been run, you…

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