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Sun, Tina Heals

How to Date Your Sun Sign by Tina Heals

Tina has shared with the world a collection of videos where she talks about the characteristics of each sun sign and how it relates to personal or intimate interactions. The video collection was created to be indexed off the sun sign so anyone can see how to interact with any of the other signs. This website has chosen to display…

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Authors, Bios, Eliza Verse

Eliza Verse

~Truth from Within~ In my video blogs, I explore astrology as well as psychology and interpersonal relationships. I have lived many lives and believe in the power of change. After living all over, I currently live in Los Angeles. I love interior design, cooking, writing music, hiking, learning and playing…anything. In addition to my vlogs, I also do personal chart…

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Authors, Bios, Will Harrison

Will Harrison

Will is a dedicated life coach astrologer and professional musician. He is a western astrologer with a strong intuitive sense that comes from a deep innate understanding of human nature. He has been sharing videos on YouTube since 2013 and now that collection is indexed on this site for the world to enjoy. PACKAGES THAT WILL OFFERS FOLLOW



The Astrology Reel is a website that uses technology to help match astrology information to the correct people in a way that saves you time and effort. When you are added to the system and login, all the content on the website is tailored specifically for you. To do this, it uses your natal planetary placement or current transit information…

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